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Aero Plastics and Structures policy on warranty claims on their products is limited to the replacement of the defective component only. Goods that are found to be incorrect or defective within six months of purchase will be replaced as soon as possible, subject to availability, freight prepaid and provided they have been used in the correct manner.
Aero Plastics and Structures cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from misuse of our equipment or products, or for any liability or loss of revenue arising from the failure of any product manufactured or supplied by us.


Our liability is limited to replacing any part that is defective due to workmanship and/or replacing of a defective new part. Aero Plastics and Structures reserve the right to decide if a part is repaired or replaced after inspection of the defective material.
The warranty will be automatically denied in cases when the component has been exposed to maltreatment, improper storage or unauthorized service. The warranty provided in this article and the obligations and liabilities of Aero Plastics and Structures thereunder are exclusive and in lieu of, and the buyer hereby waives all other remedies, warranties, guarantees of liabilities, expressed or implied with respect to consequential damages.


Property and title to Spares shall pass to BUYER when their purchase price is paid in full. Until payment in full is made for Spares, title to them will not pass to BUYER and Aero Plastics and Structures retains a purchase money security interest in them. Risk of loss of or damage to Spares shall pass to BUYER at the time of delivery. Aero Plastics and Structures agrees to notify Buyer of the date Spares are shipped and carrier's reference information

Packing and method of shipment

All spares ordered shall receive standard commercial packing suitable for export shipment.
Each shipment of Aircraft Parts will include a Packing List/Release Note itemized to show:
• The contents of the shipment
• The value of the shipment for customs clearance if required.

Buyer shall specify the required method of shipment and carrier on each order. If no method has been provided Aero Plastics and Structures will ship via a selected routing at Buyer's risk and expense.

If Aero Plastics and Structures gives Buyer written notice that Spares ordered by Buyer are ready for shipment and shipment is delayed more than thirty (30) Days at Buyer's request or without Aero Plastics and Structures' fault or responsibility, Buyer shall promptly reimburse Aero Plastics and Structures upon demand for all costs and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable amounts for storage, handling, insurance and taxes incurred by Aero Plastics and Structures as a result of such delay.
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1.1 Subject to the exceptions, conditions and limitations set forth in this document, Aero Plastics and Structures warrants that at the date of delivery of Spares:
(a) The Spares shall be free from defects in material or workmanship; and
(b) The Spares shall be free from defects in design, having regard to the state of the art as of the date of such design.


2.1 The warranties set out in 1.1(a) and (b) apply only to Spares manufacture by Aero Plastics and Structures or to its detailed design.

2.2 AERO PLASTICS AND STRUCTURES has no responsibility under the warranties set out in 1.1(a) and (b) for:
(a) Normal wear and tear and the need for regular maintenance and overhaul
(c) Unapproved modification or changes:
(d) Operations beyond those for which aircraft in which Spares may be installed have been certified; or
(e) Costs associated with test and overhaul at times prescribed in applicable manuals.


3.1 The warranty in Article 1.1 shall remain in effect for any defect covered by this Warranty (a" Defect") that becomes apparent during the six months period following delivery of the Spare.


4.1 As to each matter covered by this Warranty, Aero Plastics and Structures sole obligation and liability under this Warranty is expressly limited to, at Aero Plastics and Structures' election, correction by the repair, replacement or rework of the defective Spare. The repaired, replaced or reworked Spare which is the subject of the warranty claim shall then be warranted under the same terms and conditions for the then unexpired portion of the Warranty Period.

4.2 In replacing a defective Spare, Aero Plastics and Structures may supply a repaired or overhauled unit modified to a status identical to, or higher than, the defective unit.


5.1 Aero Plastics and Structures obligations hereunder are subject to submission of a warranty claim in writing within thirty (30) days of the Defect becoming apparent, which claim shall include but not be limited to the following information:
(a) The identity of the Spare involved, including the part number, serial number if applicable, nomenclature and the quantity claimed to be defective.
(b) The date the claimed Defect became apparent to the Buyer.
(c) The total flight hours accrued on the Spare at the time the claimed Defect became apparent to BUYER
(d) A description of the claimed Defect and the circumstances pertaining thereto.


6.1 Aero Plastics and Structures shall make the repair, replacement or rework, following receipt of the defective Spare with reasonable care and dispatch.


7.1 All warranty claims shall be subject to audit and approval by Aero Plastics and Structures. Aero Plastics and Structures will use reasonable efforts to advise in writing the disposition of BUYER'S warranty claim within thirty (30) days following the receipt of the claim and return of the defective Spare to Aero Plastics and Structures designated facility. Aero Plastics and Structures shall notify BUYER of the disposition of each claim.

7.2 BUYER shall pay all costs of transportation of the defective Spare from BUYER to Aero Plastics and Structures designated facility. Aero Plastics and Structures shall pay all costs of transportation of the repaired, corrected or replacement Spare back to BUYER.
7.3 Title to Spares returned to Aero Plastics and Structures under this Warranty will at all times remain with BUYER, except for title to a returned Spare that has been replaced, which passes to Aero Plastics and Structures upon shipment to BUYER of the replacement Spare.


8.1 AERO PLASTICS AND STRUCTURES shall be relieved of and shall have no obligation or liability under this Warranty if:
(a) The Spare was not operated or maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's documentation furnished to BUYER unless BUYER furnishes reasonable evidence acceptable to Aero Plastics and Structures that such operation or maintenance was not a cause of the Defect:
(b) The Defect did not become apparent within the Warranty Period.
(c) BUYER did not:
a. Report the Defect in writing to Aero Plastics and Structures within thirty (30) calendar days following such Defect becoming apparent, and
b. Return the Spare claim to be defective to Aero Plastics and Structures (unless instructed by Aero Plastics and Structures otherwise).
(d) BUYER does not submit reasonable proof to Aero Plastics and Structures within thirty (30) calendar days after the Defect becomes apparent that the Defect is due to a matter covered within this Warranty.


9.1 In the event that a Spare returned under a warranty claim is subsequently established to be serviceable then Aero Plastics and Structures shall be entitled to charge and recover from BUYER any reasonable costs incurred by Aero Plastics and Structures in connection with such warranty claim. Providing, however, in the event that repetitive in-service failure occurs on the particular Spare which is subsequently identified by Aero Plastics and Structures on a repeated basis to be "no fault found", then Aero Plastics and Structures and BUYER shall discuss and mutually agree on a course of further action to help identify the problem. In the event the fault is ultimately confirmed to be a legitimate warranty claim then the above mentioned costs incurred by Aero Plastics and Structures and charged to BUYER shall be waived.